Where it all started

This blog is about the ends of my fingers and stuff that I put on the ends of my fingers.

Mainly this is nail polish. But sometimes it’s other bits and bobs.

It all started when I discovered gel nail manicures, and kind of snowballed from there.

Out of curiosity I put a foil nail art kit on my Amazon wish list, and someone bought me it for a birthday. It snowballed from there.

Here’s a picture of my first nail art experiment

first nail art experiment

first nail art experiment

Anyway, when I put something new on my nails I’ll post it on here.

Warning: my nail art/manicures are not particularly artistic and definitely not nice – I take a lot of inspiration from other people. I’m keeping this blog to keep a log of my attempts, and maybe if anything the lessons I learn may help others embarking on a nail art obsession.