Greatest hits

Here’s some I prepared earlier…
These are some of my favourite designs I’ve done over the last couple of years. Lots of things have inspired me and most of these are very generic so sorry for no references. So, in no particular order, but numbered anyway…

1. Black on black


Now, unlike denim on denim, I think black on black is allowed… I like to think of this manicure as really rewarding for people who are making the effort to look at my nails. Otherwise it’d just look like pain black.

2. Studs

Studs on black.

Studs the other hand

As with all good things you can put on your nails, they can be obtained for next to no money from Amazon, like these here studs, or these zip decals that I got as a gift. I like to think that studs on black with a bit of blingy gold glitter makes for an edgy, but classy, mani.

3. Holiday nails


These were the nails I did for a great holiday I had last year (2013) where we went camping in a remote site in Cornwall – and it was frickin’ hot and sunny for a full week! So basically I love this one due to association, but also I think it’s just kinda nice looking. I wasn’t very pleased with my quick attempt at tribal design on the pinky, but otherwise it’s fine I think!

4. Gold filagree


Green filagree

Basically any colour I put this gold filagree foil on, I love! It’s awesome enough that it looks, well… awesome, but subtle enough that I can get away with wearing it for important work things. And it’s so easy to do, which is a plus. The effort : beauty balance is definitely on the side I like! This foil is actually from the kit that I got that basically catalysed my interest in nail art.

5. Pink gradient

Pink gradient

Quite simple, but looks super cute! A go-to for when I’m short on time.

6. Galaxy nails



Taking the gradient technique a little further, using different colours, some dots and some glitter, you get galaxy nails. Now, I’m a nerd, this much is true, so these were awesome in themselves, but these particular ones I rocked whilst running a stall at a music festival to show people the awesomeness of physics, so it was particularly fitting! In fact I think I also had these on at a music gig at Jodrell Bank

Unfortunately the glitter on this doesn’t come out well, or at all, in the pic, but it genuinely looked awesome – it made my nails look like an actual sparkly night sky… and I got distracted by them… a lot.

7. Graphic rose


This one is super simple again, but I like the way it looks a lot, and you can do it in a variety of ways – little roses, big roses, frenches, half moons… go wild. Many, many little soldiers were left at my flat after a party. Anyway, this also reminds me of Charles Rennie Mackintosh roses, which I intend to try and do a design based on one day.

8. Vintage flowers


I’m not sure this is my best attempt at a vintage rose design but I like the pinstripes and colours and well… I have to try really hard not to do these all the time. Again really easy to do, but looks great. I used a stamp to do the pinstripes and then painted over some of them in gold. I’m not bad at doing stripes freehand, but I just find you can get daintier pinstripes by using a stamp or nail tape that just look better.

9. Kitty cats


This is my boyfriend’s parent’s cat Socks. Because he has white feet. I did their other cat, Baxter, on my right hand, because he’s fatter therefore easier to do with larger detail (given that I was painting with my left hand!).


I’m not massively one for doing character nails, though I’ve done a few. They are very cute but I guess I have to be in the mood. And they tend to be a bit more effort than other designs.

10. Trekkie nails

Trekki nails

Because, as I mentioned above, I’m a nerd, it is true. But in any case people who didn’t get the reference just thought they were primary coloured nails… Inspiration came from watching Star Trek Next Gen on Netflix and looking at picture of Picard on Google image search. I did these freehand but I wish I could have been bothered to wait fore the base colour to dry and use tape to make the lines super sharp. Oh well.

11. Nail wraps

My NYE nails

I LOVE THESE, and wrote about them here.

Anyway, these are my favourite so far. I’m sure this will change over time as I get better at doing things and try out new things.

And doing this has made me realise that I need to learn to take better pictures of things so… that’ll be something in particular to work on throughout 2014.