This item IS a toy

At Christmas I was given some gift cards for Boots. I was intending to buy some Revlon by Marchesa nail wraps, but had a bit of money left over, so having done a bit of browsing round Boots’ website I came across a manicure and pedicure electric file set – unfortunately it was only available online. In any case I had a look in the store when I went in. They didn’t have it, but they did have their own-brand version: Boots No. 7 Rechargeable Manicure Set, and on sale – down from £34 to £20. Perfect I thought! No more herculean filing efforts when I’m sculpting nails, and will make in-fills that little bit more easy.


Or so I thought.

I’ve learnt the lesson that I really need to read the reviews for such things before I buy them. And given that I have a smart phone with internet, there’s really no excuse. But, how bad could it have been, I thought. Sure, it mightn’t be as great as the type that technicians use in salons, but it’s got to be better. Right?


I read the instructions fully, charged it up, and the next day excitedly went to have a go on doing an in-fill (in preparation for new New Year nails). And nothing. Well, not much anyhow. Any time I so much as tickled my nail with the bit, it stopped.

This thing has zero power. It’s literally like they’ve taken one of those hand-held fans and just stuck some manicure accessories with it. Even if it did have power I’m not fully, fully convinced that the accessories would work anyway.

I had to laugh – in the instructions it stated ‘this product is not a toy’. It might as well be, given how useless it is. I’m sure even the most fragile of skinned person would struggle to purposefully hurt themselves in any way with this thing (though, obviously, don’t be giving things like this to children, anyway!).

This of course was all echoed by pretty much all of the reviews on the website so… lesson learnt.

Unfortunately, amongst the Christmas mess, I lost my receipt, so I can’t even take it back given that it’s not broken. It’s just crap. And I couldn’t pass to sell it on either as it’s just so useless. Hmph.

Now I’m thinking about getting something more like this. Having had salon manicures where they’ve used electric files to remove layers of gel in a click of a finger, I think it’s definitely worthwhile to speed up the maintenance of my gel nails – both in-fills and sculpting.

To conclude: Boots No. 7 Rechargeable Manicure Set. It’s awful. DO NOT buy it.