That’s a wrap

Having given those Revlon Marchesa wraps a go for new year I thought I’d see whether the Ted baker that’s a wrap nail polish strips would be as good.

These were launched in September 2013, and you can get them in a variety of patterns that are based on Ted Baker prints. I went for the light flowery print, Treasured Orchid, but there are three others. It’s really pretty and I had a number of important meetings coming up, and I thought they would be subtle enough to get away with.

In a pack you get 14 appliques and that’s it. They do come in a range of sizes, however I struggled to find the right sizes for all but my thumbs and pinkies. It may well be because I was rushing a bit (as usual) ahead of an early start to travel to Granada, Spain. They cost £7.50 in Boots.

They were OK to apply – I didn’t manage to get them all on completely smoothly though and my thumbs both had pretty big ridges.  This was mostly sorted by some thorough smoothing and a thick covering with clear top coat. Unfortunately they were so soft and stretchy that I couldn’t get them off to reposition either.

In theory though you can just remove the backing and clear plastic top, place the curved edge at your cuticle, smooth down, cut close to the nail edge, and then file smooth.

Additionally, my attempts to cut the bigger sizes I had to use on smaller nails was less than perfect. I also chose to cut a couple appliques  half way because the best bit of the designs were at the bottom! I have pretty long nails so I thought that was pretty dumb.

Anyway despite this being less than perfect I think the end result is pretty good,  so all in all I have no complaints. Overall they were quick to do and hopefully you agree they look good, also.


They did last very well though – a full week, including scrambling around the hills of Granada (Spain) and an exercise session in the park, before I got bored and took them off. One thumb did get pulled off towards the bottom but that’s because it got trapped while packing and the top coat wasn’t completely dry.

I’m not convinced I’d buy these same wraps again though, so for these it may be a wrap.