Tartan experiment

I’ve been meaning to give tartan a go for a while. Yes it’s fashionable but also Burn’s night has just passed. And people accuse me of being Scottish all the time, so why not?

So given that I already had my new Mac Fiestaware on I thought I’d try something a bit different from the usual red and green tartans you see.

To start off with I used nail tape to make really clear lines within which I could do some lines to look like stitching or weave. I just used a regular striping brush. The gold polish I used was Mac ‘Fierce Entrance’ (which I think is just simple awesome). It’s actually gold with glitter in, so consequently it’s not that easy to get a striking line that’s fine in width. So instead I opted for thicker lines.

I did this in two steps; first to do the vertical lines and secondly to then to do the horizontal lines, waiting a few minutes in between to give the previously done lines a chance to dry.


Then I tried to do some finer lines with MaxFactor Glossfinity in Aquamarine, but basically I did that on the thumb and thought it looked too busy. The gold wasn’t really standing out, so I stuck with just the gold on the other nails. I even tried going free-hand on my ring finger. It was tricky to keep everything symmetrical more than anything else.

Anyhow, this is how it turned out:


I think for an experiment it’s not so bad. I think sadly the gold doesn’t stand out against the coral so much to do a proper tartan like on the thumb, but alas. I think the basic check looks really nice anyway.

And then on my right hand – you can see I had EVEN more trouble get fine lines on my index finger… and so gave up and so just played around with tape and free-hand stuff:


Next time I try tartan I may well do it with more conventional colours.