Jacquard nails

I love my jacquard style trousers. I got them in a sale from a supermarket – how trendy, I know! But I love wearing them with t-shirts casually, or at work or at nights out, and even with my Christmas jumper that gets worn year-round. They are super versatile, and to my mind at least, can be edgy or classy or whatever. I just really like the pattern.

SO … why not try it out on my nails?

So I did. I used Max Factor’s Cloudy Blue as a base colour (it needs three coats). On one hand I tried to freehand paint the gold waves using Mac Fierce Entry. Then dotted on some purple dots (17 Royal Indigo), and on that another little gold dots within the waves:


It’s quite chunky looking but means you get the idea from a distance but didn’t quite have that same sort of dainty but bold feel to it.

Then I remembered that I had a stamp that looked like a similar pattern (to the gold wavey bits). Low and behold I did, close enough anyway (Cheeky image plate CH10)

Which is lucky because free handing with my left hand wouldn’t of looked great. The problem with these stamps though is that they don’t fit on my nail! So I filled in the edges as best I could and then repeated the purple and gold dotting as on the other hand. And this is the result:


I think it looks awesome, not the tidiest or most geometric/even or whatever but it looks fine… surprisingly. Even looks quite intricate even though the execution wasn’t that tricky at all. I really didn’t think I’d be able to get it to look even this good.