Wrap ’em

I’ve had a ‘poverty of inspiration’ these last few weeks – not least being tied up and busy, and all those other excuses.

But still I wanted lovely nails – I wasn’t going to go out with bland, plain nails now, was I?

Wraps to the rescue!

As I’ve written about before, the Revlon 3D Jewel by Marchesa wraps are a sinch to apply, last really well and look absolutely gorgeous!

This time around I went with the blue ‘silk rosette’.

Here’s the dress it’s based on:



So I did a cream base (because the design is on a transparent background), and applied. Again it was super easy – I did the cream varnish using a Maybelline french manicure varnish one evening, and the next day, in bed, I applied the wraps! Easy peasy:


They lasted excellently for one week and a couple days.

Then as a bonus, here’s what I did for the Boy’s Mum for her birthday. These are the ‘royal burgandy’ variety on a coat of Collection deep red varnish – these were EVEN easier as her nail’s don’t have as much as a curve as mine. Whilst sadly a lot of the design was cut off, there was plenty of interesting design left on her nails:


And here’s the dress these are based on:


I fear that I love these wraps too much and they will ultimately make me very lazy… and possibly poor.